All posts for the month November, 2015

I’m sitting here listening to a 311 song that I’d never heard before. Husband is in the next room playing bass along with another 311 song, so I have to have my music loud enough to be able to hear over his.

I can still hear his, but mine is louder to me in here.

I have thisĀ thingĀ about hearing two things at the same time. It can make me extremely angry really quickly. In the self-checkout when they’re all speaking instructions at the same time, I have to speak really loudly myself to not focus on it and end up getting angry or freaked out. It’s not my only auditory issue, but that’s for another post.

When husband and I bought our first house, he and I had our own designated spaces for the first time. They were essentially on opposite parts of the house, so our respective loud sounds weren’t overly overlapping.

Overly overlapping. Say that shit three times fast. Hell type it three times fast.

Anyway, when we moved to our current house (For the record, we are no longer living in the house I posted as the last gallery lol. I’m just bad about updating here.), our spaces were suddenly separated only by a door. I actually have to walk through husband’s music area to get to my office. We have both lowered volumes fairly significantly, but are both still loud.

Somehow, just for this instance, I’m OK with it. I don’t know it if was survival instinct or what, but I’m really glad it’s happened this way.