My life has been fucking weird. It’s been challenging in weird ways, both from fate and from my own doing.

My biggest enemy has always been myself. I still have a lot of bad days, some really bad. But the rest of my days have been so much better. It took a lot of years of really hard work, and I will have to fight myself for the rest of my life.

But, I figured out HOW to fight.
And I’m slowly getting better at it.

Beyond that, the people who fate has pushed me in the direction of have mostly been truly wonderful. I’ve been so damned lucky to have people who are willing to fight for me and help me see that I’m worth fighting for. 

Financially, my life has changed in ways that I genuinely never thought would be possible after the questionable choices and moves that I’ve made. I have a job that appreciates me and actually pays me a salary that makes me know I am appreciated. I have a husband who, bless his fucking soul, has pushed me from day one to be better with my money. He has helped keep me grounded, at least as grounded as I ever get.

I am just SO fucking grateful.
I’m so grateful for all of it.

I’m grateful for the forgiveness I’ve been given, the knowledge that I’ve gained, and the love I’ve been shown. I’m grateful for friends who are patient with and kind to me. I’m grateful for the soulmates who have shared their lives with me. I’m grateful for incredible, annoying, smelly, difficult, and otherwise expensive pets who have graced me with their lives into mine. 

So, to everything and everyone who has impacted my life, both good and bad:


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