What the fuck, Instagram? How to fix your Instagram when it stops loading or removes reels.

my instagram suddenly stopped loading

It had also taken back my ability to both watch and create reels. It literally changed the appearance of the app back to what it was before reels had been introduced. I was confused. I was annoyed. I was irritated, but figured I just had to do one of the standard tries:

    • Clear the cache
    • Log out then back in
    • Restart your phone
    • Uninstall then reinstall

None of it worked, and because I’ve been involved in every breach in the country, I have a lot of security on my account and it takes a decent chunk of effort to log back in each time. So I’d go through all of that crap and then it still wouldn’t load.

I finally FINALLY figured out what the issue is, and a quick search found a few other people who have had the same issue. After digging through a whole bunch of repeats of the suggestions above, I FINALLY found the answer.

instagram will not load on my home wifi

What in the hell kind of sense does that make? None. Literally zero. Luckily, Android does (indirectly) give you a way to deal with this. You can set individual apps to not have permission to be on WiFi. It’s nothing I’d ever thought about before, but I suppose it makes sense. What I don’t understand, however, is why it suddenly changed for me a couple of days ago. Nothing changed on my phone, my IG version, or the home internet. It will be a weird mystery forever that will probably bother the hell out of me if I ever start drinking again.

How to force instagram to use your cell signal instead of wifi

It’s surprisingly easy. Here you go:

    • Go to “Settings”
    • Go to “Apps”
    • Go to “Special access”
    • Go to “Wi-Fi control”

That  takes you to a page with all of your apps where you can decide which to allow access to WiFi or not. Switch off the permission for Instagram then restart your phone.

It took me two days of searching and digging to figure out what the hell was going on. I’m hoping this helps someone else not have to go through that bullshit.

You’re welcome.


This part is important. Our world is a giant flaming floating trash trolley. We spend our lives full of anxiety. Little things like your time on Instagram that relax you and make you happy are important. It’s part of self-care. Take your focus away from the chaos now and then. It’s healthy.

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